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BENDY is the dynamic symbiosis and DJ duo representing SoundBlasting Records in New Caledonia
Bendy is HegChick (Pixan Records) and dj/producer Killer B (Looney Moon Records – Italy / State Alchemy – SA) who need no introduction as individual artists as they are both seasoned DJ’s and unique in their own deliciously twisted ways.

Their cheeky psychedelic sound creates mayhem on the dance floor and the way they seamlessly flow between a variety of influences that will blow your mind. A high-energy combo emanating groovy and twisted synths with serious bass for your face. They bring you a selection of full-power positive vibrations as their skilfully mixed beats, demand stomping bodies. Are you ready to double-drop, and have twice as much fun.

Events played at include: Origin (CT), Organik (CT), Vortex (CT), Echo Gatherings (Garden Route), Zodiac (Reset, CT), Universal Language (Garden Route), Teknotribe’s Twilight Festival (JHB), Tswaing Crater Gathering (JHB), Positive Vibrations (JHB), Illumination (JHB), Cosmic Circus (JHB), TRIBE (Garden Route) EarthDance (JHB / KZN) Freaky Forest (Garden Route), Fu-Cha Gatherings (JHB), Hug a Tree(Garden Route) and many more…

“These two have so much fun behind the decks and definitely amp up the crowd with their tricky twisted tunes. This is where the magic of our music is felt and the vibe comes alive with all your buddies around. Mayhem unleashed itself onto the Psy floor as we were taken into some next level partying…” –



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